Her Awakening


Nadi Flow

June 30, 4-6pm, P.Y.T. Studio, Quezon city

Remove energy blockages through Hatha Yoga and receive the healing vibrations of our Sound Bath Healing.

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Grounding Blend

 Promotes mental clarity, eases stress and anxiety, helps calm and relax the mind and body.

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The Universe brought you here for a reason.



Join us as we move away from the noise of the city and into a sacred space closer to nature.

Our retreats include yoga sessions, healthy food, passion talks, group discussions, and a nature tour.

Community Classes

community sessions

It’s always great to plan events for your community. We hold Community Yoga Classes in the city and out of town.

If you’d like to hold one for your neighborhood or company, to spark a bit of mindfulness and movement, we’d be more than happy to arrange one for you.


Workshops & Collaborations

We love working with like-minded groups and individuals. If you are being called to create a workshop and need help in organizing it, send us an email with your proposal, and let’s bring that idea to life.

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Some posts that might resonate with you.

I am energy. And my body is a gift.

In this lifetime, I want to learn as many things as I can, free myself of limitations, bask in the experience, and feel everything that is happening around me.

Afterall, there is only now.
— Tabitha Jamlang
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