Delight in the Present

Water Slow_.jpg

After a day of floating on water, exploring corals, and acquainting ourselves with this hidden gem, we were greeted with the most beautiful sunset we’ve ever seen. I tried to keep a mental picture of the purple hues across the sky. Little did we know that watching the sun go down from our humble hut would be a ritual for the next 3 nights. 

We had a routine. We’d get woken up by the sunlight going through our bamboo windows, and the sound of fishermen tapping their boats to herd a school of fish.  Afternoons called for venturing into the waters and observing a fascinating world full of life and color. Siestas were encouraged afterwards, whether under a tree, on a hammock, or both. 

Time was slow, and it was quite a gift. This nest rid itself of anything that could distract us from noticing the simple things, the beautiful things. It wanted us to be truly present, to read a book, to have long conversations. How could a place say so much with such silence? How could it teach us to live mindfully, and slowly? 

We left knowing that we had a little sanctuary to go back to when we want to experience the comfort of stillness. Knowing that there is a place where everyday, as the sun retires, the sky turns itself into a work of art as a reminder to live and delight in the present.

Tabitha FernanComment