A Letter from Baler


Dear One,  

I’m writing to you from the balcony of our new home, with the sun on my face, a cup of coffee to my left, and my dog lily to my right.

Two weeks ago, my husband and I moved to a place that we fell in love with years ago when we started surfing together as a couple. It’s where the mountains meet the ocean, the sunrise is as beautiful as the sunset, and where our hearts feel at home.  There were no real plans of moving out of the city, just an epiphany after looking for apartments beyond our budget and condominiums that were affordable but didn’t quite feel right. Our jobs didn’t entail us to be in the city, so why not live the dream of moving closer to the ocean? It made perfect sense.

It was a clear sign from the Universe. And without much resistance, we packed all our things in our sedan, and moved to Baler.


On our first night, I cried. It was a real purging of emotions, feeling totally overwhelmed by everything – the unfamiliarity of it all, and the fact that I am miles away from ‘home’.  I felt like a seed being cracked open in order for me spurt into my new life.  It was the Universe telling me, “Hey, you wanted a shake down, you got it. You wanted to step out of comfort, here it is. You wanted to move to the beach, you’re 10 minutes away from it.”


A week later, I found myself walking my dog on the beach during the golden hour, feeling the energy of the tourists who came here to have fun and enjoy nature, and I realized how incredibly happy I am to be living the life I am living. There’s really not much I can ask for.


And as much as it seemed like the “dream life” (because I do believe that all dream lives are unique to each person), I realized how totally crazy it was to have your dreams manifested. I honestly had to ask myself, “Is this real? Am I really living the life I’ve always wanted since I was 16 years old?”


In that moment, I wished everyone experienced that feeling of contentment, because we all deserve it. YOU deserve it. And I truly believe and feel this truth in my gut.


What is YOUR dream life?

*Really pause and just visualize it right now*

Now, what if you were able to live the life you really wanted?

What if you were given your dream life right now?

Are you ready to receive it?

Are you ready to drop everything to live it?


Because the Universe is just waiting for you to say, “YES.”

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Thank you for taking the time to read this long letter.


To manifesting the life that we love,  



Tabitha Fernan