We Are All Connected


We are all expressions of Consciousness manifesting itself in different forms. 

Do you believe that we are all connected? 
To people? To animals? To other beings? To every living thing on earth? 

I do. 

I’d like to think that it’s the reason why we’re more drawn to things that come from nature rather than man made inventions. 

Why we feel more connected to ourselves when we’re outdoors, feeling the sun, the wind, touching the sand with our bare feet, immersing ourselves in bodies of water, feeling nourished just by being surrounded by the aliveness of everything. 

Why sometimes we “see God” in other people, because we see ourselves in them too. We are these perfect beings, just enjoying each other’s company. Enriching each other’s souls. 

Doesn’t that make us all brothers and sisters? 
Human beings all coming from one Source?

Now, I try to practice looking at each person the way a true sister would - with unconditional love, even when they are unlovable at the moment.

I try to practice treating other living things with love and respect, too. Although I’ve stopped eating beef, pork, chicken, I still eat fish. Because they’re out in the wild, most of them aren’t farmed, they’re fresh and give livelihood to my community. Some vegetarians or vegans might get offended by that because I talk about respect for all living things and yet I eat fish.

But then I realized that that kind of “respect” should be towards other people’s life choices too. It’s about respecting their extremely unique journeys and not imposing yours on them. Letting them learn on their own. 

This is a huge topic. But personally, I’m also still learning, and just eager to let you guys know about these reflections. We are all one. We are all connected.

I hope somehow you felt this. And if not, thank you for reading it anyway.

Tabitha Fernan