Flowing with your Soul


I don’t really consider myself to be a writer. Although I’ve been journaling since 4th grade (or since I started developing crushes, because.. how else can a girl express herself?) and have been commissioned to write articles for brands, I wouldn’t put that word “writer” in my profile.
I must say though, that this art form definitely helps me in articulating my feelings and thoughts better than speaking – I blame the introvert in me.
Thanks to this newsletter, I’ve really been finding the importance of sending out these written reflections to you. The fact that I get to tell you stories and lessons from the Universe is such a gift because it’s a valuable channel to connect and relate with you.
Recently, I’ve been finding myself being in a state where I could just write on and on for hours, paying no mind to grammar, and just letting the messages flow. I would get so immersed in the moment, that I would watch my hand come to life and create these scribbles that contain such powerful messages.
And so I feel compelled to remind you of this feeling – in your art, work, hobby, or sport. Whatever it is that makes your soul feel alive.
Do you remember the last time you were just so lost in the flow of your own soul?
When time didn’t exist?
When all that mattered was that blank canvas that needed color?
Those pages that needed words?
That silence that needed to be filled with melodies?
And in the end, it didn’t even need to be a masterpiece.
It was just a product of your soul pouring itself into this physical realm.
The world didn’t even need to see it.
It was just a little secret between you and your soul.
The way I see it, 

Flow is when you are completely connected to your soul, that you just let it express itself as you find yourself witnessing the magic that is happening.
I think being in a flow state is so important to our growth as beings. Because it is the time when we allow ourselves to just BE. Literally.
You’re not thinking about anything else outside of this. You’re not worried about what other people might think. You are doing this simply because your soul is enjoying itYou are enjoying it.
Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve done something for yourself that you truly enjoyed. Pause for a moment and think of things that light you up.

What are some activities that give you a natural high or make you feel creative? Do that.

No pressure, my love. It doesn’t even have to leave your room. Just start. Because your soul has been yearning for it.