What holds true for you?


I’m writing to you to wish you a beautiful year ahead. What a journey 2018 has been. 

Personally, I felt like I was continuously being reborn month after month. I feel totally different from who I was at the start of the year. It was a year where I learned so much about myself, and what holds true for me. Forming my values, treating this world as a playground, experimenting with social interactions, and even connecting more with how the Universe works and how I can align myself with it. 

I’ve been dodging social media these past couple of weeks, because I didn’t really *feel* the need to post anything inspirational or yoga-related. I have come to realize that I have put myself in a box, focusing way too much on yoga (or yoga poses) and now I feel paralyzed, thinking of what content to put out there next. And then I asked myself, “Why are you doing this to yourself? Why do you feel pressured to post about what people might like, instead of that you think feels right?” And to answer that, it’s because I wanted to be consistent with my “yoga brand” and daaaamn that sounded so silly, but so true! Who am I?? 

So much of who we are has been downsized to a grid of images and identities we’ve created for ourselves. I’m the artist, the yoga girl, the health buff, the poet, the spiritual one, the mindful leader. But we are so much more complex than that. Our souls are ever evolving, our lives are changing, WE are changing everyday on a cellular level. And as much as your community loves you for your expertise, you have to honor yourself for being more than what people think of you. 

So who are you without these labels? Without the rules you've imposed on yourself?

What holds true for YOU?

Write them down, and don’t edit yourself for anyone. Just listen to your soul while it speaks its truth. 

I just needed to get that off my chest and share it with this small soulful tribe. 

Thank you for your light, and I wish you an abundant 2019!

Tabitha Fernan